Achieving the Warfighter's Aim

For any individuals involved in United States military or law enforcement who would like a demonstration of SmartSight® and its capabilities, please feel free to send us an email to start that process.

To see a 10 minute video of SmartSight® in action, you can view our video here.


   SmartSight® is a product of LandTec Inc., a government contractor with fourteen years of proven results bringing the finest ruggedized optical sighting system to today's U.S. military warfighter.

The fifth generation of SmartSight® has been completed, and it can be seen in the slideshow above. The newest SmartSight® system features a much smaller camera module which can be mounted on any weapon with an M1913 rail system. A foregrip is built into the latest generation's camera module as well. The new camera module only weighs two pounds. This makes the weapon easy to hold and fire with the system attached.

The SmartSight® system consists of two main components:
    • A weapon-mounted camera communicating wirelessly
    • A remote, operator-mounted viewing system including a zeroed reticule (point of aim).

    Unlike conventional weapon-sighting systems, SmartSight® enables an operator to view surroundings and aim the weapon without shouldering it, minimizing operator exposure to direct fire.

    Providing our warfighters a better way to survive the fight, SmartSight® enables them to fight urban battles from behind cover, a life-saving advantage. Shooting accurately around a corner has long been an aim for the U.S. military, and now SmartSight® achieves that aim.

Congressman Endorses SmartSight®
Retired Congressman Radanovich endorses the SmartSight® system. Click here to watch a 40 second clip.

New SmartSight® Video Posted
SmartSight® was featured in the pilot episode of Game Changers. Click here to watch a ten minute clip.

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